Brian HuntBrian Hunt is one of an elite few that completed the rigorous courses and lab work set forth by the American Gem Society and Gemological Institute of America to become credentialed as a Certified Gemologist. Over twelve years ago Brian began his career as a third generation jeweler in his family’s century old store. Through his experiences there, he established key relationships with the best designers, manufacturers and gemstone dealers in the world. He learned honesty and integrity combined with top notch quality and superior customer service is what sets a jewelry store apart from the competition. He quickly gained a love for rare gemstones, but more importantly, a love for the story. Every piece he has sold has had a story that has touched his heart; whether it be a restoration of a family heirloom or creating the perfect on of a kind engagement ring. Brian has a passion for working with people and an uncanny ability to connect with them. His focus is helping clients create the perfect piece as well as have the perfect experience along the way.