dustin-brakeDustin is a talented custom jewelry designer and is efficient with Computer Aided Design. The ability to listen to his customer’s needs, and then be able to illustrate through this innovative software, has Dustin’s customer service at a level all can appreciate.

Originally from Tennessee, Dustin started his 10 year jewelry career as a manager of a fine jewelry store. He attended New Approach School for Jewelers in Franklin, Tennessee. It was there he acquired the skills to be a bench jeweler. Those skills have helped him develop a great understanding of what it takes to not only design a quality piece of jewelry, but to build it so that will stand the test of time and wear.

Dustin moved to Central Florida in 2014 after meeting his now wife, Lindsay at a CAD design class in Louisiana. He is currently pursuing Graduate Gemologist Degree and has been a valued addition to the Victoria Jewelers staff.

Dustin tries to educate our customers about diamonds, and what characteristics make them valuable. He believes that “The true beauty of a Diamond cannot be seen on paper or on a screen, it is something that you must see in person”.